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Negative news is everywhere it seems, and there is no shortage of it. Audiences are drawn to it, and news aggregators know it. This is having an impact not only how we are consuming news, but our attitude to the news in general.

The fallout of Brext and Donald Trump’s arrival in the Whitehouse has raised a number of questions. First, it was the fake news websites, then attention turned to clickbait. But now it seems news aggregators themselves have a role in all of this. In this world of PPC advertising, every website author wants a piece of the action, certainly from participating in Google ad display network. 

News AggregatorsNews Aggregators and influence on consumption

There is also that chance of rising about the rest, and take on the big players in the media. We only need to look at the news feed on Facebook assess articles being shared. Negative news sells, and from a business perspective, is most likely to result in conversions.

This is having a profound impact on our news consumption. As news consumption has shifted almost entirely online,  today as consumers we are getting a significant amount of our news through a news aggregator. social media network or other sources.

In a way, our viewing habits need to change, but it now entirely down to the end user. Everyone has a part to play in changing our attitude to news, the aggregators yes but also right down the journalists writing and finding the stories. What we need is to inspire readers to find some positivity. FInding stories that matter to people that are good and bad, or news that inspires and fascinates. One when we have established balanced news as a norm can we tackle the “click bait” problem and the fake news.

The challenge perhaps in the future is going to be to win over hearts and minds with positive news. That will be challenging in this era of social media and involves not just the readers and the writers but everything in between including the social media networks and even algorithms of news aggregator services.

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