Kindle Paperwhite long term review

A great device made even better with some key feaures from much more expensive models.

I was quite late to the party when it comes to E-Book readers. As the cost of the Kindle has fallen over the years, it has justified the ownership of such single-purpose devices.

This new design incudes a flush design highlighting this is a waterproof device. Similar to the much more expensive Kindle Oasis. If it wasn’t for the thick bezels, it would resemble modern tablets or smartphones.

The new design has reduced the weight by a few grams, over the previous generation. This certainly becomes noticeable when holding the device with one hand. With that 6″ it is comparable to a familiar paperback in some ways.

Rather than using a generic Android, approach the custom Linux based OS is ideal for monochrome E-Ink displays and is fairly easy to navigate the device. It does look a little like Apple’s System 7, but it adds to the charm.

Kindle Battery Life

The battery is life is still excellent, thanks to that E-ink display. One charge will still last for weeks, although I did notice the battery does seem to drain a little faster. With additional LEDs in the backlight, this is to be expected.

What must also be considered is the Bluetooth audiobook feature, found on other models. Although I don’t use this feature as I like the reading experience, it might be a deal breaker for some. I also feel a compact Kindle is flexible enough to read anywhere.

Ths specs of compariable E-Book readers are quite similar. So the consideration of choosing a Kindle device boils down to whether or not you need to be, or want to be in the Amazon Kindle ecosystem. This involves two factors, price and range of books.

Generally, Amazon have more books which are competitively priced compared to rival Kobo. That final decision could be based on your brand preferences.

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