Is artificial intelligence really dangerous?

With technology giants now taking artificial intelligence more seriously then mobile computing. We have seen this emerging in the form of Siri, Cortana and now Google Assistant. What started as a controversial computer science, and before that a concept of science fiction is now part of our everyday lives, certainly with the groundbreaking developments found in the next generation iPhone.

Technology is and has been, advancing and an exponential rate for many years. Never have we seen technology advance at such a great rate in the history of our civilization. We now have computers in our pockets, as well as on our desks. But the next step in this technological advancement is most certainly going to be artificial intelligence.

From Facebook bots to personal digital assistants, they are everywhere. To get machines to provide information that you want, it ultimately requires an intelligence of some kind. That is allowing a machine, at least on some level the ability to make a decision. And this, according to some experts could be controversial.

Artificial intelligence: A dangerous move?

Some leading experts believe that bringing A.I. into the world could be a dangerous move. With some leading figures in this scientific community suggesting that this particular branch of computer science could even be our undoing. With some suggesting that A.I. is going to turn into something sinister, perhaps even an existential threat to our civilization.

So, what are the risks of artificial intelligence? In short, we probably don’t know, only time will tell. There are certainly those that are awaiting eager anticipation and those that greet it with suspicion. Even Stephen Hawkin has his concerns. One of those reasons is that machines have better memory recall compared to our biological brains. They are recall anything instantly, and if we consider all the information of the internet, in an essence, our entire history, civilization, and records. Couple that with A.I. and many people get nervous.

Can artificial intelligence actually think?

However,  with artificial intelligence, there is not yet something that could be considered sentient so perhaps it is a long way off. Science Fiction writer Issac Asimov did come up with an ingenious solution, the law of robotics, which must be followed preventing harm coming to humans. There is only one issue with that, the desire to create a smart weapon which has a sole purpose to create harm. 

Imagine the ultimate smart weapon, a drone or other device that could achieve this. One solution to prevent this from happening would be in the hands of lawmakers, not in the hands of a self-regulating technology industry. Another party, i.e. government that would reassure the public and regulate this, certainly in the defense industry.

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