The world of technology has been changing at an ever-accelerating rate. From when the computer was almost the size of a city, to the pocket-sized computer of today.

It is perhaps the significant advancement since the dawn of mechanization in the industrial revolution. Tech 101 started as a project in 2014, using open source software to look at these developments. Not just a tech blog like all the other discussing new products. It looks at the technology industry, as a whole, to understand not only what is happening in this technological world but why. By understanding this we can see where technology is going, and also how such developments influence our daily lives.

Technology in Business

Of course how we work, and where is changing. Technology has opened up new ways of working and new devices. From Chromebooks to smartphones to tablets creating a new flexible workplace. Developments such as Cloud computing are taking us away from the traditional desktop, allowing us to work anywhere.

This is also impacting the educational sector influencing, how we learn driven by tech giants such as Apple and Google.

Technology in entertainment

Technological developments are also impacting how we play. That simple game of Pong from Atari in the 1970s is evolving into mobile gaming and a true virtual reality experience. Soon this simulation, according to Elon Musk could eventually be indistinguishable from reality.

Tech101 is analyzing all these new developments, from Artificial Intelligence to Augmented reality. Not only looking for the next revolution but also what is driving that revolution. It is almost certain that technological development will either continue at the current rate or even accelerate as someone conceives the next revolution.

Open Source Software

One of the most significant and most important areas of technology is how Open Source software is now driving technology. With Linux being installed on literally billions of devices through Google’s Android project, and open source software being installed on numerous devices in other applications from servers and desktops.

Tech101 is a supporter of open source software from Linux to WordPress amongst other projects.



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