How Sony is changing photography

It seems only yesterday that I saw a video shocked me. It predicted the biggest change in photography, the end of the traditional DSLR. The man that predicted this, Will Crockett a photographer-turned-coach who predicted that the DSLR was going way.

Photography: Mirror less cameras from Sony

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While there are the traditional camera makers, such as Leica which have been technically making a name for themselves for decades, most camera makers have been sticking to the DSLR format. This has certainly been the case for Nikon and Canon. Mainly out of fear of hurting its DSLR sales its compact system cameras are still a very low key affair. The major manufacturers are already facing an onslaught of smartphones over the past decade.

Mirrorless Photography

Sony has been taking a rather different path. It is entering a new territory, the professional mirrorless camera. The recent release of the Sony A9 is a game changer. A high-end camera that can shoot photos seemingly silently, a camera that could even up revolutionizing photojournalism.

There are still those that question mirrorless cameras, are they really that good, those sticking to their DSLRs wonder. The truth is the battle is over. Sony cameras are a step ahead of other manufacturers, and my palm-sized Sony A6000 isn’t just ideal for travel photography, its image quality is so good I have been contributing to some of the biggest stock photography agencies.


Photography has certainly moved on to much lighter equipment and thanks to the Zeiss Optics now found on many it means that using mirrorless cameras does not mean lower quality images. With full frame sensors on high-end mirrorless cameras, it is only a question of when not if mirrorless cameras have become the camera of choice for professional and enthusiast photographers.

The problem is that DSLRs were based on a technology from another era, namely, the 35mm SLR camera. Mirrorless cameras offer the advantage of a rangefinder camera, and the SLR’s what you see is what you get viewfinder thanks to digital technology.

Mirrorless photography is for a digital era. And that means not only being able to shoot stills, but they cater for video production.

With the growth in the sales of Mirrorless cameras, the major manufacturers will certainly be rethinking their strategies.


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