Era of the $1000 iPhone X

Apple is one of the most valuable companies. It is the largest company in history.  So we are now at this stage, in the still somewhat stagnant smartphone market where high-value items are being unveiled to the world. And yes that iPhone X price tag is a little high, to say the least. Normally in some measure of economics, when something reaches saturation point its demand starts to waver, but despite its competition for the other major players in the market such as Huawei and Samsung, it has done the opposite, now even Google.

It has produced a premium iPhone product, which is raising some eyebrows. It will become a success, with the countless Apple fan-boys. This will raise demand to justify its price. But it will be interesting to see how the industry reacts to this and perhaps whether Apple will release further such premium products. Maybe we will see an iPad X on that device’s anniversary in 2010.

A changed company

Apple as a company has changed, a departure from that coca cola philosophy, a device for all. It has often noted that Apple has become Champagne. Apple is no longer that innovator but a high-end consumer electronics company. If it continues this path it certainly could lose that large audience of creatives with competition from high-end Windows 10 PCs and that coming creator’s update.

Overall the iPhone X is a great product, and showing some good advancement of technology. But we need to ask ourselves one question, do we really need that $1000 smartphone?

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