Chromebook: Once you use one they make perfect sense


Once, the Chromebook was a bit of an oddity, a laughing stock almost. But seeing as Donald Trump provides all the entertainment these days for this planet Google has certainly got serious about ChromeOS. It recently unveiled the most powerful Chromebook convertible ever. An ambitious, and perhaps very expensive device that just, might just change the way people view ChromeOS and the Chromebook.

They are strange devices because it is not your usual desktop operating system. No super key, no dedicated caps lock, it is surprisingly simple. I obtained a low-cost device for portability and low cost.

What I found was it is simple, and I think perhaps it might be completely maintenance free. No apps to install means no viruses. Although you can now install Android apps. That sounds odd, but actually, the experience is quite good. I am beginning to understand this logic and what all the fuss is about. I have never seen or used anything quite like it.

Chromebook “apps”

There are the little things, like not being able to install a “proper” email client or have access to a proper bash terminal. But most of us would use a low-cost device to access the web because at the end of the day we do 90% of everything on the web. It is simple, that is apart from the new Pixelbook.

That is a pretty powerful computer, which I think just goes to show that Google either has ambitious plans for ChromeOS for much more powerful applications or perhaps it will be superseded by another full blown OS at some point. Could this be where the obscure Google Fushia project comes in? Only time will tell.

We have premium smartphones, and now premium Chromebooks too. With of these strange Chromebook devices, you might be surprised, and possibly even hooked.



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    However, as much praise as it deserves, nothing is ever perfect. Google hit a home run with the Pixelbook, but there are a few things I’d like to see changed whenever gen-two is released.

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